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Distances from Mogadishu

Distances from Mogadishu to the largest cities and places in Somalia. Have a closer look at the distances from Mogadishu to the largest places in Somalia.

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Distances from Mogadishu to the largest places in Somalia
Afgooye Afgooye1.65,46127 km 17 mishow
Marka Marka2.230,10073 km 45 mishow
Wanlaweyn Wanlaweyn3.22,02282 km 51 mishow
Jawhar Jawhar4.47,08685 km 53 mishow
Qoryooley Qoryooley5.51,72095 km 59 mishow
Mahaddayweyne Mahaddayweyne6.8,273106 km 66 mishow
Cadale Cadale7.5,385135 km 84 mishow
Jalalaqsi Jalalaqsi8.9,743152 km 94 mishow
Buurhakaba Buurhakaba9.27,792165 km 102 mishow
Buulobarde Buulobarde10.16,928204 km 127 mishow
Baidoa Baidoa11.129,839223 km 139 mishow
Tayeeglow Tayeeglow12.2,119239 km 149 mishow
Xuddur Xuddur13.12,500283 km 176 mishow
Ceeldheer Ceeldheer14.26,562287 km 178 mishow
Beledweyne Beledweyne15.55,410301 km 187 mishow
Waajid Waajid16.6,666306 km 190 mishow
Dujuuma Dujuuma17.2,432320 km 199 mishow
Saacow Saacow18.7,893326 km 203 mishow
Ceelbuur Ceelbuur19.9,031327 km 203 mishow
Jilib Jilib20.43,694333 km 207 mishow
Baardheere Baardheere21.42,240343 km 213 mishow
Jamaame Jamaame22.185,270363 km 225 mishow
Luuq Luuq23.33,820368 km 229 mishow
Garbahaarrey Garbahaarrey24.12,652376 km 234 mishow
Yeed Yeed25.8,429380 km 236 mishow
Xarardheere Xarardheere26.2,018404 km 251 mishow
Dhuusamarreeb Dhuusamarreeb27.9,000406 km 253 mishow
Kismayo Kismayo28.234,852410 km 255 mishow
Hobyo Hobyo29.12,564511 km 318 mishow
Buur Gaabo Buur Gaabo30.3,096533 km 331 mishow
Gaalkacyo Gaalkacyo31.61,200576 km 358 mishow
Laascaanood Laascaanood32.60,100751 km 467 mishow
Ceek Ceek33.4,325775 km 482 mishow
Garoowe Garoowe34.57,300790 km 491 mishow
Oodweyne Oodweyne35.5,491821 km 510 mishow
Eyl Eyl36.18,904827 km 514 mishow
Burao Burao37.99,270834 km 518 mishow
Hargeysa Hargeysa38.477,876850 km 528 mishow
Baki Baki39.20,000901 km 560 mishow
Berbera Berbera40.242,344936 km 582 mishow
Ceerigaabo Ceerigaabo41.33,853981 km 610 mishow
Bandarbeyla Bandarbeyla42.13,7531,028 km 639 mishow
Las Khorey Las Khorey43.6,9411,064 km 661 mishow
Iskushuban Iskushuban44.5,7591,066 km 662 mishow
Bosaso Bosaso45.74,2871,114 km 692 mishow
Qandala Qandala46.15,9231,164 km 723 mishow
Bargaal Bargaal47.6,7981,209 km 751 mishow
Bereeda Bereeda48.11,2621,264 km 785 mishow

1 - 48 of 48 places