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Largest places in Somalia

The largest cities and places in Somalia at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Somalia.

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Largest places in Somalia
Mogadishu Mogadishu1.Banaadir Banaadir2,587,183
Hargeysa Hargeysa2.Woqooyi Galbeed Woqooyi Galbeed477,876
Berbera Berbera3.Woqooyi Galbeed Woqooyi Galbeed242,344
Kismayo Kismayo4.Lower Juba Lower Juba234,852
Marka Marka5.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle230,100
Jamaame Jamaame6.Lower Juba Lower Juba185,270
Baidoa Baidoa7.Bay Bay129,839
Burao Burao8.Togdheer Togdheer99,270
Bosaso Bosaso9.Bari Bari74,287
Afgooye Afgooye10.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle65,461
Gaalkacyo Gaalkacyo11.Mudug Mudug61,200
Laascaanood Laascaanood12.Sool Sool60,100
Garoowe Garoowe13.Nugaal Nugaal57,300
Beledweyne Beledweyne14.Hiiraan Hiiraan55,410
Qoryooley Qoryooley15.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle51,720
Jawhar Jawhar16.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele47,086
Jilib Jilib17.Middle Juba Middle Juba43,694
Baardheere Baardheere18.Gedo Gedo42,240
Ceerigaabo Ceerigaabo19.Sanaag Sanaag33,853
Luuq Luuq20.Gedo Gedo33,820
Buurhakaba Buurhakaba21.Bay Bay27,792
Ceeldheer Ceeldheer22.Galguduud Galguduud26,562
Wanlaweyn Wanlaweyn23.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle22,022
Baki Baki24.Awdal Awdal20,000
Eyl Eyl25.Nugaal Nugaal18,904
Buulobarde Buulobarde26.Hiiraan Hiiraan16,928
Qandala Qandala27.Bari Bari15,923
Bandarbeyla Bandarbeyla28.Bari Bari13,753
Garbahaarrey Garbahaarrey29.Gedo Gedo12,652
Hobyo Hobyo30.Mudug Mudug12,564
Xuddur Xuddur31.Bakool Bakool12,500
Bereeda Bereeda32.Bari Bari11,262
Jalalaqsi Jalalaqsi33.Hiiraan Hiiraan9,743
Ceelbuur Ceelbuur34.Galguduud Galguduud9,031
Dhuusamarreeb Dhuusamarreeb35.Galguduud Galguduud9,000
Yeed Yeed36.Bakool Bakool8,429
Mahaddayweyne Mahaddayweyne37.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele8,273
Saacow Saacow38.Middle Juba Middle Juba7,893
Las Khorey Las Khorey39.Sanaag Sanaag6,941
Bargaal Bargaal40.Bari Bari6,798
Waajid Waajid41.Bakool Bakool6,666
Iskushuban Iskushuban42.Bari Bari5,759
Oodweyne Oodweyne43.Togdheer Togdheer5,491
Cadale Cadale44.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele5,385
Ceek Ceek45.Togdheer Togdheer4,325
Buur Gaabo Buur Gaabo46.Lower Juba Lower Juba3,096
Dujuuma Dujuuma47.Middle Juba Middle Juba2,432
Tayeeglow Tayeeglow48.Bakool Bakool2,119
Xarardheere Xarardheere49.Mudug Mudug2,018

1 - 49 of 49 places

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