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Alphabetical index of places in Somalia with SA

There are 81 places in Somalia beginning with 'SA' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in Somalia with SA
Saabid Saabid1.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Saacow Saacow2.Middle Juba Middle Juba7,893
Saacow Saacow3.Middle Juba Middle Juba-
Saalixiya Saalixiya4.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Saamogia Saamogia5.Lower Juba Lower Juba-
Saamooley Saamooley6.Gedo Gedo-
Saangadaale Saangadaale7.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele-
Saarey Saarey8.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Saarey Saarey9.Woqooyi Galbeed Woqooyi Galbeed-
Saarey Saarey10.Woqooyi Galbeed Woqooyi Galbeed-
Saarsaaray Saarsaaray11.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Saato Saato12.Lower Juba Lower Juba-
Saaxaguduud Saaxaguduud13.Gedo Gedo-
Saaxo Saaxo14.Mudug Mudug26,000
Sabacad Sabacad15.Mudug Mudug-
Sabatuuni Sabatuuni16.Lower Juba Lower Juba-
Sabawanaag Sabawanaag17.Awdal Awdal-
Sabbiyo Sabbiyo18.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Sabbuun Sabbuun19.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele-
Sabdoow Sabdoow20.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele-
Sabid Sabid21.Bay Bay-
Sabiyo Sabiyo22.Bay Bay-
Sabuun Sabuun23.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Sada Kabad Sada Kabad24.Bay Bay-
Saddex Higle Saddex Higle25.Mudug Mudug-
Sadiiq Sadiiq26.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Saforrei Saforrei27.Bari Bari-
Safsaaf Safsaaf28.Galguduud Galguduud-
Sagaar Oole Sagaar Oole29.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Sagaaroole Sagaaroole30.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Sagaarow Sagaarow31.Hiiraan Hiiraan-
Sagalad Sagalad32.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Sagarey Sagarey33.Middle Juba Middle Juba-
Saha Uen Saha Uen34.Bay Bay-
Sahader Sahader35.Sool Sool-
Sakhiiro Sakhiiro36.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele-
Sal Misge Sal Misge37.Bay Bay-
Sala Sala38.Middle Juba Middle Juba-
Sala Gon Sala Gon39.Bari Bari-
Saladegh Saladegh40.Bari Bari-
Salagle Salagle41.Middle Juba Middle Juba-
Salahly Salahly42.Woqooyi Galbeed Woqooyi Galbeed-
Salam Maroodi Salam Maroodi43.Bay Bay-
Salax Darandoole Salax Darandoole44.Mudug Mudug-
Salaxdhadhaab Salaxdhadhaab45.Galguduud Galguduud-
Salaxin Salaxin46.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele-
Salbuko Salbuko47.Bay Bay-
Salcudoble Salcudoble48.Bakool Bakool-
Saley Saley49.Woqooyi Galbeed Woqooyi Galbeed-
Salley Salley50.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele-

1 - 50 of 81 places
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