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Alphabetical index of places in Somalia with KI

There are 8 places in Somalia beginning with 'KI' (in alphabetical order).
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Kibiile   to   Kiyaanno
Places in Somalia with KI
Kibiile Kibiile1.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Kidi Faani Kidi Faani2.Lower Juba Lower Juba-
Kiisuro Kiisuro3.Bay Bay-
Kilomitirka Lixdanaad Kilomitirka Lixdanaad4.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Kiridh Kiridh5.Togdheer Togdheer-
Kismayo Kismayo6.Lower Juba Lower Juba234,852
Kiyaan Kiyaan7.Bay Bay-
Kiyaanno Kiyaanno8.Bay Bay-

1 - 8 of 8 places