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Alphabetical index of places in Somalia with KO

There are 46 places in Somalia beginning with 'KO' (in alphabetical order).
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Kob Dhexaad   to   Koyaama
Places in Somalia with KO
Kob Dhexaad Kob Dhexaad1.Bari Bari-
Koban Kow Kow Koban Kow Kow2.Bay Bay-
Kobon Kobon3.Lower Juba Lower Juba-
Kobonle Kobonle4.Bay Bay-
Koboogobta Koboogobta5.Bay Bay-
Koday Koday6.Lower Juba Lower Juba-
Kolbiyow Kolbiyow7.Lower Juba Lower Juba-
Kolonyaale Kolonyaale8.Middle Juba Middle Juba-
Kombareere Kombareere9.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Kombeyo Kombeyo10.Sool Sool-
Konkorey Konkorey11.Bay Bay-
Koofirey Koofirey12.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Koolo Koolo13.Sanaag Sanaag-
Koonya Gaduud Koonya Gaduud14.Bay Bay-
Kooreeba Kooreeba15.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele-
Kootin Kootin16.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Kor Cad Kor Cad17.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele-
Kor Kaamar Kor Kaamar18.Lower Juba Lower Juba-
Koranbod Koranbod19.Bay Bay-
Korar Korar20.Bakool Bakool-
Koreey Koreey21.Gedo Gedo-
Koreey Koreey22.Gedo Gedo-
Koreey Koreey23.Gedo Gedo-
Korey Korey24.Bakool Bakool-
Korey Korey25.Bay Bay-
Koriso Koriso26.Middle Shabele Middle Shabele-
Korisow Korisow27.Middle Juba Middle Juba-
Korji Korji28.Woqooyi Galbeed Woqooyi Galbeed-
Korkaa Maray Korkaa Maray29.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Korkaamaray Korkaamaray30.Gedo Gedo-
Korkaamaray Korkaamaray31.Lower Shabeelle Lower Shabeelle-
Korkoor Korkoor32.Bakool Bakool-
Korkor Korkor33.Bakool Bakool-
Kormarey Kormarey34.Bay Bay-
Kormarey Kormarey35.Bay Bay-
Kormari Kormari36.Bay Bay-
Kormari Kormari37.Bay Bay-
Kormey Kormey38.Bay Bay-
Korooy Korooy39.Bay Bay-
Korow Korow40.Bay Bay-
Korow Korow41.Bay Bay-
Korow Korow42.Bay Bay-
Korrow Shidleey Korrow Shidleey43.Bay Bay-
Korudheer Korudheer44.Bay Bay-
Korunbod Korunbod45.Bay Bay-
Koyaama Koyaama46.Lower Juba Lower Juba-

1 - 46 of 46 places